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Message Subject What is the #1 weapon of the Elite ?
Poster Handle IAMIAM
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 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32723276

This is the Number one answer.

If you control the access to knowledge in a population,

you can establish a hierarchy and throttle a civilizations

development. When knowledge is equally disseminated,

Every task done for the betterment of the society is done as

a Master Piece.

Liberty also flourishes because with knowledge, superstition,

taboos, and, shame is removed. Behavior is looked at based on

what we really are. There is a distinct nature about the free

spirit of Man. Once freed, the understanding that his whole

lifes work is eternal.

But I digress, the Greatest weapon is indeed IGNORANCE. It

is by keeping a population ignorant of their own inherent

godhood, sovereignty, divinity, holy spirit, what ever you

want to call their own uniqueness and freedom of action.
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