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Message Subject What is the #1 weapon of the Elite ?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Social engineering.

In the form of :

propoganda on the news
propoganda by celebrities
propganda in entertainment
propoganda that it is alright to abort,that god does not exist, to marry same sex, that animals are more important than humans, that humans are destroying the planet, that the government is good, that left wingers are not terrorists and murderers, that racism is the cause of all ills, that whites are the devil, etc.

Education system dumbed down and so infiltrated by communist agents that it would take three generations to unfuk the stupidity it indoctrinates people with

revisionist history to further the agenda

Agenda 21 designed to imprison the masses through conditioning and restriction of travel

GM foods to make the masses dependent on big pharm through manufactured illness

Designer babies for women or lesbians that don't wan't a man , yet want a baby that will match their wig or shoes.

Urban planning that destroys cities, small business, industry, the peoples spirit and any notion of history.

I could go on and on but to me social engineering is the work of the devil, and has accelerated our downfall.
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