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Message Subject January 24-27 Potential Significant Winter Storm!!!
Poster Handle MHz
Post Content
Stay east, please with this one....I still don't have power at my house from the wind blowing 55mph gusts from Saturday night....Good to be a prepper, though...

Generator running and wood stove keeping everything nice and toasty....
 Quoting: 4Evergirl

Saw a neat little lamp on one of the latest episodes of Moonshiners. Use a short pre-made candle that can be picked up anywhere and split a tin-can partway down the side so you can open it up like two windows and that is how you load the candles in and the device directs the light in one direction and with some experimenting the lowest a chimney and inlet holes can be determined as it is also supposed to act like a little stove and double burning the exhaust makes the air less toxic. 6" of snow is not a big deal until the wind just keeps blowing it around for days on end, from the ground to 20' the visibility is zero, above that the sky is blue. Having a bit of hose that will slip onto your exhaust pipe means you don't have to get out and keep digging that spot clear should you get stuck.

Anybody make a 220v genset that I can run off my vehicles tire (like a dyno), for the times I want to use the stove and dryer and welder. All my lights are 12v so the battery charge means the vehicle has to run that amount anyway
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