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Message Subject NY Dem: Don't Release that Document Showing We want to CONFISCATE GUNS (video)
Poster Handle Truthache
Post Content
Wow! That Lentol is a shifty bastard. Look at that guy squirm!

There it is in black and white and just waiting for a handful of some so-called "representatives" to act on the behalf of the people.

Behold the power of a corrupt and lawless democracy.

5* OP!
 Quoting: Truthache

That is a ridiculous amount of squirming! Perhaps someone on our side should approach him with a video camera and ask him some questions. It is obvious that he has trouble controlling himself & that he knows something (or really has to go to the bathroom). It could even be said that his nervousness is exactly why he responded back with the (subliminally) intimidating phrase that they caused the other congressman to say what he was originally intending on saying anyways. (/Politics)

Great video for exposing this! Repost to social media now

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21357052

Yeah, it reminded me of this exchange almost immediately
Every time I see this video a chill runs down my spine.

It appears that what they were avoiding talking about openly then is what they are implementing today.
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