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Message Subject NY Dem: Don't Release that Document Showing We want to CONFISCATE GUNS (video)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
So, you're asking... what is gun control about?

It is about disdain for those who "cling" to their guns as a source of power.

It is about their hatred for the people they percieve to be the gun culture (white, low-income, rural, uneducated).

It is ideological warfare, designed to break the will of the political resistance.

It is about demoralizing one's political opponents by desecrating the symbol of the group's identity.

It is about getting all the guns, by any means necessary.

It is about social justice, and removing the last vestige of power from the group that they believe is most responsible for the sins of America's past.

It is about demonization, because they must first hate us in order to justify taking what they know is our rightful liberty.

It is about scapegoating, because they won't be supported unless the masses can be convinced that dead children are our fault.

It is about ridicule, because they believe in their own cultural and intellectual superiority.

It is about emotion, because logic, reason and empirical data do not support them.

It is about making America less like its "shameful" past.

It is about making America more like countries that they percieve to be civilized.

It is about resenting the idea of America, and wanting to change it into something else.

It is about "progress".

It is about preaching the ideals of democracy, but harboring deep mistrust of your fellow man.

It is about promoting power to the people, but only meaning certain people.

It is about society as a zero-sum game, where power can only be given to the oppressed if it is relinquished by the oppressor.

It is about making you live with the fear and insecurity that they live with daily.

It is about removing barriers of resistance to a future that they know you will be tempted to resist.

It is about making you more like them, because they know they are right.

It is about people who think they know more than you doing something that they believe is for your own good.

It is about an egalitarian ideal from the 19th Century that they believe would work "if only done properly".

It is about egalite and fraternite above life and liberte.

It is about rewriting our history to pretend that America was always the thing that they intend to turn it into.

It is about the sense of power and delight that they would gain from watching you be disarmed.

It is about the fact that you cannot be trusted to comply.

It is about the simple fact that they do not like you.

It is about submission.

And compromise with them is nothing more than submission.
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