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Subject Time to drop the hammer of Thor on our enemies
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Scorched Earth policy in effect.

The less breeders they have left alive the better. Humanitarian aid to consist of cluster bombs and napalm.

China, Africa, radical Muslims....whoever else wants some. Tell Putin to make a choice. Side with whites or side with Chinese and muslims.

We start by pulling our troops out of Afghanistan and dropping some neutron bombs here and there. Or we could redouble our efforts, bring Russia in on it and just kill everybody. Then Russia could own the place. Blockade China, poison their rice patties along the coastal deltas, hit their dams and power plants (especially nuclear plants for the radioactive bonus) and wait a few years before releasing the grip.

All you other Western countries need to pitch into this. Run the muslims out of your land. Send some ships to help blockade the Reds.

Should we just wipe Africa out entirely? We could colonize an empty Africa and put it to good use. I say we use biological weapons there to cleanse it.

We might as well stop beating around the bush and get this shit over with.
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