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The Magnum Opus Of The NWO

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United States
01/21/2013 10:34 AM
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The Magnum Opus Of The NWO
If you were to observe the events of the modern day through a historian's prism, being mindful of human nature and especially careful to measure the possible effects of events unfolding in the moment in context to those which precipitated the events of the past; Is it conceivable that, whether actual or staged, our leadership is about to change? I'd prefer not to be too descript about the event. But chaos would quickly ensue. Martial law would implemented. Every remaining vestige of liberty would be sacrificed for the sake of order. And our worst fears would be realized. Mine, at least. I'm sure the RAND Corporation has long considered what conditions would be necessary to facilitate a system of control from top to bottom, from the moment of conception to the moment of expiration. I can't help to conclude, the sum of ALL things considered, that there will either be civil war or martial law, or both, in order to achieve that level of control over America. And a single event will be necessary to precipitate that.

Be mindful of my use of the word "conceivable." I'm certainly not an oracle. I simply can't help but to wonder based upon what our leaders say in plain language as well as from observations that we've all made of signs of oversight and control placed in plain view, that an event is in the making or coming to fruition on its own that will not have a pleasant ending (for some of us). While I realize he's notorious for his gaffes, I find a recent statement by no. 2 declaring,"I'm proud To Be *resident," and his recent, assertive behavior both strangely substantive.