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Message Subject BUSTED! CNN caught faking Sandy Hook footage.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
(First, we must determine if that is indeed footage from the lima school, although it begins to make me awfully suspicous about why no one is allowed neary Sandy Hook and why they are thinking about tearing it down.) but...should this definitley be footage from Rose of St. Lima:

It would make no sense for CNN to have footage of a drill...a drill at a place that then happens to get a bomb threat. In fact, they should not be using fake footage as if it were real at all. It's lying. And here is Anderson Cooper trying to "morally shame" (as Gene Rosen would call it per his Salon article, frankly)us into not believing the media would be inaccurate.

If people are arguing, oh...well, they just got footage from a nearby school because they needed some imagery -- I STILL call bull, because it is still a LIE and that simply draws into question why they needed that "imagery" anyways? You have to wonder, what other imagery was fabricated? Why would you need fabricated imagery? Because it didn't look REAL enough?

And did the police ever arrest or investigate the "bomb threat" - I haven't heard any follow ups about that, has anyone? Conveniently, CNN seemed to have the footage ready and at hand, though.
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