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Message Subject What kind of piece of shit god creates a world based on hostility, fear, survival?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Nature is not peaceful. Animals forced to eat or be eaten, kill or be killed. Constant suffering.. a life dominated by fear to survive.

If god existed and was the all powerful creator, why did it create a world where such hostile conditions of causing death to another life form is needed? To get a kick out of it?

This leaves 2 probable options:

1. god is an evil son of a bitch, and those who worship such a thing are just as bad.
2. there is no god
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11421136

You'd rather live in big biodome that grows food for you and cleans up after you?

Oh wait.

The best float to the top, survival of the fittest.

1. I wouldn't say evil.. I'd say the framework of a computer game that is playing against you. Do you want the game to be easy, or would you rather be challenged? I'd rather see you fight cancer than eat cheetos in your mom's basement.

2. Who's fault is the suffering? The tens of thousands of people who die of starvation in sub-Saharan Africa each day.. Is God punishing them, or are they breeding at a rate their agricultural systems and Billions of dollars of US aid can't support?

Families suffering from acts of terrorism.. Does God give guns to crazy people, or do people make video games and movies and music and share information that create crazy people?

Free will.

Everything is your fault.

If you want, we can wipe the slate and start over?

- God
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24153124

Most humans and animals are stuck on a planet that is not environmentally suitable for their food requirement. The planet could be a lot greener, with natural growing vegetation and lush moderate climate. We have to force it to give us food instead of food growing naturally and abundantly..

Something happened to earth that slammed its natural tilt to the cursed 23.5 degrees. It used to be lush and thick to support the stomachs of dinosaurs ! Nature never meant for a sub saharan Africa. It became that way after the impact.

Maybe your tilt is off because you're taking all of the carbon out of the ground
And putting it into the air
And heating the planet
And heating the core
And weakening the EMF
And the weakened state of your EMF is making Earth vulnerable to external forces.

Not God's fault.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24153124

*Or internal forces.. maybe a health EMF evenly distributes gravity across the surface of the planet.
And when the EMF is unhealthy, things get wobbly

I don't know.. I'll look into it if you want, but just cool it with the gasoline and you should be alright.

I'd recommend controlling population growth, maybe through the use of IUDs? Reducing the global fertility rate to 1.0 will cut the global population in half over the next 40-50 years.

Then you won't have to grow as much food, burn as much fuel, etc.

But that's a big solution.. smaller solutions.. drive less. Contract your local economies.
Walking & bikes >cars.
Wind & solar > oil & coal

Become sustainable.
Grow your own food.
Use recycled materials.
Buy American goods.
Buy electric cars.

I can do it for you if you want, but your economy is primarily monetary, and I am no Snooki.

I lack the resources I would need to get the ball rolling, but that's assuming the ball needs to get rolling at all..

Maybe it's no big deal?

Then again, maybe the EMF will weaken to the point it's no longer able to deflect the Suns radiation and it will cook Earth, like Mars.

Haha.. This is awesome..

So... What would you like me to do about it?
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