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Message Subject What kind of piece of shit god creates a world based on hostility, fear, survival?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Nature is not peaceful. Animals forced to eat or be eaten, kill or be killed. Constant suffering.. a life dominated by fear to survive.

If god existed and was the all powerful creator, why did it create a world where such hostile conditions of causing death to another life form is needed? To get a kick out of it?

This leaves 2 probable options:

1. god is an evil son of a bitch, and those who worship such a thing are just as bad.
2. there is no god
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11421136

You'd rather live in big biodome that grows food for you and cleans up after you?

Oh wait.

The best float to the top, survival of the fittest.

1. I wouldn't say evil.. I'd say the framework of a computer game that is playing against you. Do you want the game to be easy, or would you rather be challenged? I'd rather see you fight cancer than eat cheetos in your mom's basement.

2. Who's fault is the suffering? The tens of thousands of people who die of starvation in sub-Saharan Africa each day.. Is God punishing them, or are they breeding at a rate their agricultural systems and Billions of dollars of US aid can't support?

Families suffering from acts of terrorism.. Does God give guns to crazy people, or do people make video games and movies and music and share information that create crazy people?

Free will.

Everything is your fault.

If you want, we can wipe the slate and start over?

- God
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24153124

Hi, It is me again...God. You might wonder where I am when all these things happen on the earth. I hope you remember that I created you out of dirt so I can do with you exactly what I want. You are pieces of shit to me. I couldn't care less if innocent children die or starve to death. I purposesly created Africa so that the land would not be conducive to growing crops. You see, I do so love to watch children die and it is even more fun to watch them suffer.

You stupid people always make the EXACT same mistake when you think about me. You think I love you, but you are DEAD wrong. I look at all of you like the animals that you are. That is why I do NOTHING at all to stop anything bad that comes your way. I just sit up in heaven and watch. I enjoy the show. You animals think I love Christians. I look at you as some of the worst. That is why you see America in such bad shape. While I am laughing, you turds have the highest crime rate in the nation.

That's right. You are all delusional if you think I love ANY of you. I hate you all. Fred Phelps is right...even though I hate him and his followers also. All of you are in hell, and when you die, hell will be infinitely worse. You will be tortured there, day and night. The fire will never go out while you scream in unbearable pain. I will make the worm crawl through you and eat you alive and the pain will never stop. I, God, have spoken.

The only people that will be with me will be the perfect. I choose them. It is called predestination. That is why the road is narrow and only a very few find the way. So I allow everything here. The self-righteous look down their noses on sinners, just like the Pharisees. I always call them "Sons of Satan" since they will go to the lake of fire with him. Simply put, I am not GOOD because I don't have to be. I do not LOVE ANY OF YOU. I hate you all.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20657814

Is Africa not conductive to growing crops because God made it so, or is it because the African people are hundreds of years behind the rest of civilization?

They are cutting down rain forests and grazing cattle; do you understand the ecological consequences of that action?

God doesn't want to see children die, but unfortunately he's cognacent of the rate at which they do. He's cognacent of all of the shit man has created within his reality. It's exhausting, mentally and emotionally.

God is here with you.

God doesn't live in Heaven.

God plays a character in the reality he created.

You're right about the Hell bit, but I don't know who Fred Phelps is. Man decides if he wants his reality to be Heaven or Hell. His actions make it so. Do you understand?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24153124

You know, I think I have read thousands upon thousands of peoples' descriptions of their garden variety of Gods on this website. I find it suspicious that all their descriptions are different. If God was really REAL, wouldn't you make the assumption that he would make completely sure we knew if he was actually real?

Look at you, so sure you know the mind of God. But you are an ignorant animal that shits, has sex, and probably eats like a glutton. You are so delusional that it is silly. You say that God doesn't WANT to see children die. Well, I don't know, I always thought God was the king of the land. His will is always done, on heaven and on earth. So if you believe in the Bible, which you will probably say you don't, then you would know that God has all the power and can do ANYTHING he wants.

If Africa has starving people, could not God do something about it? IS he POWERLESS? Is he sitting up in heaven wiping his butt because he had a case of diarrhea? Is God playing poker with some angels so he just doesn't have time to check on starving kids? Is God just a stupid fallible human being, like you? I think the God you described IS YOU. That is it in a nutshell.

You give God all the characteristics that YOU want him to have. You don't particularly care if he watches while children are raped or tortured or torn to bits by pit bulls. You don't care that God sends tsunamis to wash away men, women, infants, animals, and these people are of Islam faith and Christian faith, etc. You don't care that God doesn't respect a person's color or religion or dogma. He is God so he can do anything he wants...just not to you or your family. You are a very immature adult, if you are an adult.

You say God doesn't live in heaven. You are sure right about that. God lives inside YOU...that is why God will always be a carbon copy of you. You have such a huge ego that you think you are God. God likes what you like, hates what you hate, has the same enemies as you. For instance, Fred Phelps, you don't like him so God doesn't like him. GROW UP...THERE IS NO GOD!!!

You seem to be okay with God torturing people after they die. You think hell is a "cool" idea. I guess you would be okay if anyone ended up there, in pain forever and ever, just as long as it isn't you or anyone you love. And, conveniently, because GOD IS YOU, you don't worry about going to hell. Because you think you know the mind of God, you believe you are safe and saved. You really do need to grow up.
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