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Message Subject What kind of piece of shit god creates a world based on hostility, fear, survival?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have no idea if there is a God. But, I do know that people who believe in God say things like "all we can do is pray that our saviour will come" "all we can do is wait for God to save us".

I just wish that people who believe in God put as much faith in themselves as they do in God. We have the power to save ourselves, we don't have to sit around waiting for help. If there is a God, don't you think he/she/it gave you the power to save yourself?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15670285

It is written plain as day!

Jesus even said it out loud!

YOU are gods!
 Quoting: IAMIAM

You are clearly ignorant of facts. There are no gods, none at all. So humans are animals...not gods. You have got to be a big boy to realize this, of course. Jesus is not even real. There is more proof that Paul Bunyan lived than proof of the imaginary Jesus. I know this is not what your kiddie brain wants to hear, but people are not born of virgins. People also don't live again after they are dead for days. A big star up in the sky would be completely incapable of leading men anywhere. All these stories are like Jack and the Beanstalk or Alice in Wonderland.

When you were a kid, I'll bet you believed that Santa brought toys to all the good little girls and boys? YOu didn't question it. You accepted it blindly. You never even thought about the impossibility of a tiny sled carrying toys for all the kids in the world. I'll bet you never questioned the fact that reindeers can't fly. I'll bet you just bought the lie that Santa slid down your chimney, even though you probably didn't even have a fireplace. And you childishly accepted that Santa ate all the cookies you put out for him.

Well, today you are the same child you were then. You never grew up. You want to believe in magic so you blindly hold on to myths and fairy tales as if they were real. When will you grow UP? I know, you never will, and this is why this world is in such a shitty place. Adults are kids today who want to go back to sucking their thumbs and believing in magical, happy things. GROW UP, please, do the world a favor.
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