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Message Subject Pacific Group Becomes Latest Hedge Fund Converting Assets to Physical Gold "Great Article a Must Read" !
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
PMs are great! Wish I had some! But I would also like to point out that LAND OWNERSHIP is what made this country possible. During the Great Depression in the 30's, the people on farms did better than those in the cities. They were also able to help many by offering room and board in exchange for work. Many destitute city dwellers sent their children to live with family members in the rural farm lands.

We all would do well to figure out a way to move to our small rural acreage while at the same time retaining some source of revenue (i.e. job/income stream). It's not easy in this economy! However, there are small farms for sale all over the country.

Even if you don't own the land outright, an acre or two could give you the means of survival when $$$ is worth nothing. Corn/beans/squash and a chicken coop are life sustaining, and rural folk tend to stick together and help one another.

I am trying like the dickens to get all my duckies lined up in a row...
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