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Subject Emilie Parker does not exist
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Did a search here. Couldn't find this info under its own thread. I'm sure this has been discussed. But think it needs more investigation.

Emilie Parker does not exist.

She is the sister on the left of the family pictures. She is photoshopped into the photo to the right of daddy. There are at least two pics

She looks like an outsider. Dad holds two kids. Mom's hands are free. Why does she not hold the third kid in any of the pics?

Cuz she is photoshopped.

People who insist that the girl sitting with Obama is/is not the sister.

Exactly. They are bothe right. how can 2 sisters look SO much alike that no one can tell the difference? Even twins can be distinguished by age 5.
The girl sitting with obama - She is the sister and emilie -same girl because emilie doesn't exist

Google emilie Parker family photo.

You'll see:

- Lots of pics of a close up of "emilie"

- a pic of only TWO blonde girls playing on couch

- 2 family photos - photo of mom, dad and 2 daughters on dads lap..looks like the complete balanced picture. Except "emilie" added to the right.
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