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Message Subject Need a name for my MineCraft server o.o / no trolls please unless funny
Poster Handle AtsuiPanda
Post Content
Oh well that narrows it down...


I used to play on a server for adults only, it was called MC30.

See without some specifics like rules for the server, type of stuff you're going to be doing, people you'll be looking for... it's kind of hard to help.

I mean, what sounds good?

For a newager type I'd call the server 'Witchcraft' (seewutididthere?) or some other pun... if you were a neonazi you could call it 'Mein-Kraft' (like that book the dude with the 'tache wrote back in the day, get it? eh?).

So more data needed bro.
 Quoting: Lucky Charms

Looking for a name with broad range of stuff like , survival , hunger games , skyblock ect , witchcraft sounds good but taken , im thinking of calling it DethCraft , like Dethklok xD
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