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Message Subject What the fuck he said United State! Not states!!!!
Poster Handle DirtyGuap
Post Content
Ya know, I don't like the man either...But I DARE anyone of you to get up in front of 800,000 and give a speech...I DOUBLE DOG DARE YA!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32532434

Lol hes done this 4 times now. And has been in tons of speeches across the country. As if this is the mans 1st time on stage.Its 35 words please....quit giving the guy excuses when he lies and makes mistakes every chance he gets.

Let me ask you a question, If your child, family member, or friend lied,cheated, and stole from you on a daily basis would you trust him? I think not.

So I ask you why do people continue to put trust in a TOTAL STRANGER who has not 1 ounce of credibility left?
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