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Message Subject BREAKING: Scientist claims comet ISON has companions!
Poster Handle glauco
Post Content
Voltaic, you don't seem to understand what the claim was. McCanney claimed these were orbiting objects. He still claims it. He claims the comet is that massive. He's wrong, full stop. And now he's lying too. He's not making any observations, pete Lawrence did that, he's making false claims. And don't equivocate with that "more study is needed" bs, that's Judy his way of begging for more hits to his shitty site.
 Quoting: Dr. Astro

Dr Astro, what is the problem if Professor decided to talk about data he is yet analysing? Take a look at Professor's page on what he said. He didn't used this video or images to claim that this is a giant comet or to have companions. He have other sources of informations, and other factors plays in place for him to said that this comet MAY have companions.
 Quoting: glauco

You're equivocating. The dude lied. Real scientists don't publish their conclusions before they've analyzed their data, and they publish their data. Where is his astrometric data on these companions? He has none, he is irresponsible for making false conclusions.
 Quoting: Dr. Astro

Man, be more attentive! Read it again and the following posts. He don't published any conclusions regarding if this comet have or not companions because, as he said, he is yet analyzing it. And he *is not* using that Spaceweather.com, ScienceAtNasa or Pete's video. He is a scientist, he must have his own sources. His only conclusion, up to now, is that this is a big comet, nothing else, and for this he is not wrong for sure, due to the secondary effects on this comet that he predicted in last October. So you have to use your imagination here: if this is a big comet, and big things holds other things that orbits it, so the possibility of this big comet to hold companions is not so small.

His only error regarding this issue is that he is wrong when said that the disinfo crew (as he call it), had used two videos for bailing lunatics: one with supposed companions and other one without them, as in reality there was only one. If you had followed him for years and years like I do, you would remember this issue as the only time he made a bad statement. And he talks a lot.
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