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Taiwan UFO Group Investigates 'Transparent Alien' Photo (Video)

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01/21/2013 04:53 PM
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Taiwan UFO Group Investigates 'Transparent Alien' Photo (Video)

A UFO group in Taiwan is asking for expert help to authenticate a photo of a "transparent alien" walking along a remote country road. What is it?

The photo, taken by a policeman in Taiwan's Taitung County in early December, shows a ghostly, see-through figure walking in the distance. The figure is human-shaped, stooped, extremely tall and, when enlarged, appears to be transparent.

Chinese media has jumped on the story, as evidenced by the video attached below.

According to the International Business Times, photo experts in Taiwan are asking for help to identify whether the picture, taken with an iPhone, has any chance of being real.

Read more [link to news.gather.com]