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Subject why are you people nuts about the guns?
Poster Handle leoglp
Post Content
So what happens when they take the guns away?

why are you all so afraid and paranoid about it?

is it because once they take away the guns, will they kills us all?

but they can always kill us with viruses

or will they impose their new world order by then?

If you are so afraid, why aren´t you nuts about... the possibility of the government cutting off all the food supplies, then supplying our fellow starving citizens a ´fun time camp´ and getting us on our knees to accept this new world order?

I am sure people would surrender, what good is a gun when you can´t eat it?

I mean Bush admin changed new laws so that the government directly gets a legal right to intervene in the food supply of the united states if ever needed.

why aren´t you afraid of dying tomorrow off cholesterol? you McDonald eating motherfuckers
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