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Message Subject why are you people nuts about the guns?
Poster Handle Dr. Manhattan
Post Content
Better question... why is the government so nuts about taking our guns?
 Quoting: Dr. Manhattan

Because that is the easiest way to control us and reestablish new world order.

One way or another they will get what they wish for, giving up the guns is the least painful.

Nuclear and biochemical does not sound good to me, I would rather live my life than keeping my gun just do get massacred or starved, and in both it ends up with the same result, a new world order.
 Quoting: leoglp

Here is a nice little quote for your from mel gibson...

Would you rather live a little while and die slowly... or would you rather take the chance of dying to live your life to the fullest?
 Quoting: Dr. Manhattan

Oh wonderful, america´s culture is based on hollywoord, yes yes mel gibson!

We are dying slowly with GMOs with Fluoride, with pesticides, with diabetes, why aren´t you upset about that braveheart?

Why aren´t the militias going against the bankers?
 Quoting: leoglp

I never said anything about hollywood. I was just using an opportunity to post a quote from a movie that is one of my favorite.

And I think you will find a large portion of people are informed about the GMO, fluoride and other poisons that are used to thin the heard.

Lastly, this is the crucial point where people must stand up and inform everyone what is going on. This is not hopeless. It is only hopeless when you take a seat and sit idle, while they kill everyone. Screw what people think of you... tell them and they will listen. They may think you are crazy, but later down the road when they start realize you were right you will not be so crazy to them.
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