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Message Subject This weekend's major earthquake...
Poster Handle ººEATºº
Post Content
I like you EAT.
 Quoting: Madigan

Tell me more. Why do you like me? I am curious...
 Quoting: ººEATºº

LOL....ok....I'll humor you.

You've got a great sense of humor.

You are incredibly diplomatic on a public forum,
which shows you have class and dignity and do
not sink to others low levels.

You're entertaining in a good way.

And I like chips and earthquakes too! chuckle
 Quoting: Madigan

Wow. Kind and thoughtful words. Thank you for your compliments!

You are an idealist like I am. I am always drawn to people who are idealists.
When it comes right down to it...behind idealism you will find faith.
Eventually, ideals always fall apart... leaving one disillusioned... then there is the choice to make... to HOPE or not to hope... and then one is left 'hoping for ideals'.... hoping.....



and then you realize that hope is basically a form of faith....

...and true inner faith can not be explained. It's just something that knaws inside of us deep in the core of our being.

I belive in LOVE!!!
(That's the ticket... it really is)

Hope I make sense to you.
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