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The Prodigal Son

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1561325
United States
01/22/2013 04:34 PM
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The Prodigal Son
Was Lucifer.

Thought you might want to know he already went home and is laughing as we deceive ourselves into thinking it's not us that continues the deception. Still he tries and tries and tries to lead us into temptation so that we may see the light of truth.

That's why 'lead us not into temptation' is in The Lord's prayer. One should not wish The Lord to guide one to what one needs, as The Lord is too loving to resist giving us what we want when we ask for it.

Lucifer is who you want to guide you. He will deceive you into believing you are getting what you want, but will ensure that what you need is the result of the temptation. His guidance in this world is what must be followed to reach the true Lord.

He even gave Jesus what he needed and got a bad rap for it by the twisters of letters.

Lucifer put himself in us and his sacred purpose was fulfilled. Gabriel sat back waiting for The Lord to tell him when it was OK to go like the charlatan of power he is.

Gabriel sure was pissed when The Lord welcomed the son back in with open arms, eh?

Don't let my story get your panties in too tight of a wad - it's just a story to entertain ;)