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Chinese Politicians Are Buying Billions In U.S. Real Estate

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 31002285
United States
01/22/2013 09:30 PM
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Chinese Politicians Are Buying Billions In U.S. Real Estate
Just more proof it's a rigged game. Another piece of the puzzle as to why the "housing recovery" is supposedly happening.

The only thing needed is some fake Chinese fiat printed up out of thin air and handed over to continue the cycle of selling out America.

It's soooooooo easy for the Chinese government to print up as much "funny money" as needed in order to get their foot in the door, because they know everything has a price here in America. It sure sucks to have to say that, but due to the ever expanding mentality of greed that has been hammered into the average American we are doomed.

All that's needed is a little bit of belief, belief that somehow this "funny money" is backed up by something and it'll solve any and every problem and can make even the most unrealistic dreams come true.

[link to www.zerohedge.com]