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Message Subject US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta removes military ban on women in combat, opening thousands of front line positions
Poster Handle s. d. butler
Post Content
I have never, NEVER come across anything more arrogantly stupid than this "ban on combat for women".

If a bunch of North Korean soldiers burst into a radar station in Oregon, what are the female operators supposed to do? Tell the North koreass as they mow them down with automatic fire, "Sorry, but I can't shoot you as I'm under a "combat ban" - you're going to have to ignore me and move on to shoot the male staff"?

Remember, during the Second World War, the Japanese did briefly invade and occupy part of Alaska (part of the Aleutian Islands).

If you are in the US Army, you are in the front line. You are in harms way to kill or be killed if the battle reaches you...and for the US to "ban combat" as if they are the ones who always dictate where combat is so arrogantly stupid that the French Army, claiming that it would dictate where the Second World War would be fought in 1940, three weeks before Hitler's Panzer's rolled into Paris, the French capital is about the only parallel that I can find in history.

Whoever's on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, clearly isn't fit to face a Military Grade One test paper on basic military competance.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31649009

you are completely missing the point. The argument is whether women are capable of performing in ground combat units as opposed to support and service support units.

And also what such integration might do to unit morale and capabilities.

No one has said women can't defend themselves as needed.
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