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Message Subject US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta removes military ban on women in combat, opening thousands of front line positions
Poster Handle Don'tBeAfraid
Post Content
It's not that women can't be combat soldiers, for some could. It's not that they can't do the physical things that some men(not all) can do like carrying another soldier out, for some can. It's that it's unnecessary given a decreasing role of a military we already can't afford.

Bring them home. Stop being world policemen. Give soldiers real jobs to create wealth so they buy homes. Focus on professional domestic soldiers.

If we had enough oil domestically, would the Middle East even matter in the final analysis? Nope, not for us. It would for Europe. It would for Russia and China. Let them deal with it. The Suez Canal is a long way from the USA. Bring the jobs back. That will increase the real security of the USA.

Having women in combat positions is illogical. The only reasons are as a social experiment and to bolster the amount of troops to draw from in a time of massive need. We don't have that. It's foolish to change everything. It's expensive.

If some women wish to do it, let them try. We don't oppose women attempting to reach for goals. That's un-American. Let them try. Some might succeed. You don't force women to do it if you don't logically need to do it.
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