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Message Subject US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta removes military ban on women in combat, opening thousands of front line positions
Poster Handle Don'tBeAfraid
Post Content
Most women will never be able to be soldiers in combat. Only a very small portion of women want to become them. Many want a military career but not to serve in that fashion. The fact that only 10% of men serve in similar positions should be enlightening. Most guys can't do it either.

Women have served in the US Armed Forces. They have served with valor and honor. They are human and make mistakes. Some of them have been a nurse, a medic, a driver, and then picked up a rifle, shielded wounded, and saved many many other soldiers. To deny the facts is being a poor critical thinker.

If you really care about women, then you'll do what you can as concerned fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters to prevent rape in the military. That's the abuse that they undergo besides the potential for being maimed, and also disrespected by civilians who discount their efforts.

Worry about all of that first, then worry about what some radical Muslim enemy might do.

Any patriot may be wounded, maimed, raped, or killed in combat. That is War.

Since we don't need as big a military, and can't afford a large military, then it makes zero sense to suddely integrate the US Armed Forces for no reason. That's just lunacy...or worse, a plan by the corportations to destroy the fabric of our Humanity.
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