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I Had A Really Interesting Dream This morning... And I can't Stop Thinking About it...

Dr. Lecter
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01/23/2013 04:39 PM

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I Had A Really Interesting Dream This morning... And I can't Stop Thinking About it...
So a couple of years ago, I had a pretty bad motorcycle accident that required almost total reconstruction of my left hip and leg, and have an on-going prescription for pain meds.

Now I like these things a little too much, so I'm careful about how and when I use them. But last night was a perfect example of why I have the prescription in the first place.

They work wonders, although I'm not really sure if they actually relieve my pain or just provide me a frame of mind where I don't care about it, but they always give me weird dreams. And Last night's was a good one.

obama was being impeached. For what, I have no idea, but all I know is that republicans and democrats alike were against him. Something about "atrocious acts". You know how dreams are. There was civil unrest taking place all over the country, yet the news was showing a bunch of black kids eating ice cream and cotton candy.

My neighbor suddenly appears sitting beside me, watching all this massive "civil unrest" taking place, and he starts ranting about how we all need to buy up the pellet guns and sling shots because that's what they're going to fight us with.

The newscaster on tv then says how loved obama was until he came after America's Red Ryder BB guns.

I start laughing and say "you'll shoot your eye out, kid."

Then my neighbor hands me a big bag of Snicker's bars and says "We're gonna need these to trap 'em..." then he leaves.

Now the newscaster is talking about the shortage of break cleaning supplies for my particular truck, and that I need to go to the auto parts store now before the government seized them too.

Then obama suddenly appears on television and I could literally feel a hush fall across the country. He's crying. He says he's sorry for what he's done and he hope that the American people can find it in their hearts to forgive him.

I yell back at the TV... "There ain't no fuckin' way, buddy..." And then I woke up.

Pretty weird, huh?

Well, at least now I can get on with my day without being preoccupied by this dream.
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