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Message Subject 2013 Super Bowl -I Pet Goat/'Child's Destiny'/Olympics/NOLA/23/Etc.[Kim Il-sung's BIRTHDAY TODAY...Bombing @ Boston Marathon!]
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Doritos Crash the Super Bowl's five finalists...betcha it will be the (I Pet?) GOAT who wins...blink

[link to www.crashthesuperbowl.com]

...and for Taco Bell...notice the Live Más(more) line with Pepsi's Live for Now...

Live Más(more) = MASS EVIL = MORE EVIL

Live for Now = Live for NWO = EVIL for NWO

87-Year-Old Man Vandalizes Football Field in Taco Bell's Super Bowl Teaser
This guy knows how to 'Live más'

[link to www.adweek.com]

Pepsi and Beyoncé's $50M Duet [Updated]
Multi-year deal includes unusual brand-related creative control

[link to www.adweek.com]
 Quoting: BetteDavisEyes


Beyonce Dons A 'Can I Live?' Sweatshirt While Rehearsing For Super Bowl

The pop star seemingly addressed her headline-making Inauguration performance with a bit of casual fashion.

The 31-year-old star posted a photo of herself on Instagram sporting a sweatshirt with the words "Can I live?" written on it.

(An homage to her husband Jay-Z's song "Can I Liv?" from his Reasonable Doubt album.

My confederation, dead a nation, EXPLODE
on detonation
, overload the mind of a said patient
When it balls to steam, it comes to it
we all fiends gotta do it, even righteous minds go through this
True this, history school us to spend our money foolish
Bond with jewellers and, watch for intruders
I stepped it up another level, meditated like a buddhist
Recruited lieutenants with ludicrous, dreams of
gettin cream let's do this, it gets tedious
So I keep one eye open like, C-B-S (airing the Super Bowl), ya see me
stressed right? Can I live?
Can I live?
Can I live?
Can I live?

Ha-hah, Roc-A-Fella y'all

[link to www.azlyrics.com]

(w/no E)

CAN I LIV = VILIN AC (Villian-Antichrist?!)

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