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Message Subject 2013 Super Bowl -I Pet Goat/'Child's Destiny'/Olympics/NOLA/23/Etc.[Kim Il-sung's BIRTHDAY TODAY...Bombing @ Boston Marathon!]
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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In Celtic/European lore an agent or harbinger of destruction and in alchemy (in Celtic/European lore an agent and in alchemy The Black Crow sometimes also the Raven is the beginning of the great work of soul alchemy. This indicates the initial stages of the alchemist's encounter with his inner space, through withdrawing from the outer world of the senses in meditation, and entering what is initially the dark inner world of the soul. Thus this stage is also described in alchemical texts as the blackening, the nigredo experience, and it is often pictured as a death process, as in the caput mortuum, the deaths head, or as some alchemical illustrations show, the alchemist dying within a flask (=Super Bowl?)
This stage,the nigredo is the
'dark night of the soul',
a soul-less state.

The player who survives the explosion on the pitch has the number 86.
86 is rhyming slang for nix.
The origin of nix is Nyx the Greek goddess of.Night.

The event istelf has a series of parades many with the names of figures from Greek mythology,e.g the Bacchus and Orpheus Krewes.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18434332

Event itself? You mean the Mardi Gras parades that will be taking place NEXT WEEK after the NFL has left town and lets us have our city back? Because of the NFL we had to extend carnival season a week backwards this year. There are no parades between now and the Superbowl.

Again. The elite are not going to destroy their favorite place.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19791558


Interesting connection with the number 86 hmm

As for Mardi Gras...the parade themes are interesting to say the least!

[link to www.mardigrasneworleans.com]

Speaking of Nyx:

[link to www.mardigrasneworleans.com]
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