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Message Subject 2013 Super Bowl -I Pet Goat/'Child's Destiny'/Olympics/NOLA/23/Etc.[Kim Il-sung's BIRTHDAY TODAY...Bombing @ Boston Marathon!]
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Good Morning from New Orleans again.

Bette - Thanks for your reply. I must tell you more about myself and Nola so you can better understand my take on this Sunday.

There have been numerous instances when I knew something was going to happen and was able to remove myself or alter something to avoid danger. This includes Katrina. Either in the form of dreams or in "his voice" that tells us what we need to know. Everyone can hear his voice, sometimes though I have a hard time telling the difference between what he is telling me and what are just my fears and thoughts. I knew Katrina was coming for at least 6 months. Dreams and then for the 7 days leading up to it he kept telling me to GET OUT! And we did well before the officials told us to.

I don't feel that way about this. I am not being told to GET OUT. At least not yet. The energy here is very strange right now, I do think something will happen in some form. They will perform a half-time ritual. And most likely other rituals throughout their events in the city. I have been seeing that for years at major events. The olympics last summer about beat all. I actually really liked the whole industrial bit. My work involves theater/film though so I appreciate theatrics and the mechanics and staging of those things. The benz commercial preview was a bit creepy I admit. The devils energy is one of those many spiritual energies ever present here. There is an underlying constant battle for good and evil here. Hence the magic. What better place to perform their ritual. The most truly magical city in America.

It does take a certain type of person to live here. It's all about balance. If you can't balance this city will eat you alive.

Some other things I have noticed though. This past Sunday they were chemtrailing very heavily. I have been watching the skies here for years. I have never seen them do it to that degree. Actually I have never really noticed them chemtrailing Nola at all. I told one of my employees about it and they tried to tell me they were marking the perimeter for the no fly zone. Purposely misread me some local article about it. I read it later and the article was about fighter jets practicing in case they needed to scramble this sunday. Awesome. I have my own personal little shill working for me to keep me in line.

Though I would love to stay all day must go now. I will check in later tonight. I will offer what I can from the ground. Again I appreciate your time. I have been watching the sinkhole with great interest too. I come to GLP for the information about things MSM doesn't talk about and also because I do look at issues from all sides and enjoy reading what others have to say. I rarely chime in. In fact I was hesitant last night. I had been reading your thread for a few days though and being so close to home I spoke up. I am fiercely protective of my city. I don't want to live anywhere else.
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