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Message Subject 2013 Super Bowl -I Pet Goat/'Child's Destiny'/Olympics/NOLA/23/Etc.[Kim Il-sung's BIRTHDAY TODAY...Bombing @ Boston Marathon!]
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[link to www.thevinnyeastwoodshow.com]

31 January 2013, The Katrina Virus In New Orleans, David Andrew Christenson, Mardis Gras And Superbowl Catastrophe Imminent?

Did you know that New Orleans is a tourist town surrounded by Chemical plants and Bio Weapon research labs? Hope you're prepared for this show as the information revealed by this whistle blower might put you off attending Mardis Gras and the Superbowl alike, the deadly "Katrina Virus" aka the "Ferrari Virus" (named due to the rapid rate of infection) has reached epidemic levels verified by the CDC.
This deadly disease is mutating rapidly and spreading like wildfire amongst residents along the Mississippi river and the government won't tell people about it!

www.thevinnyeastwoodshow.com [link to www.thevinnyeastwoodshow.com]

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