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Message Subject 2013 Super Bowl -I Pet Goat/'Child's Destiny'/Olympics/NOLA/23/Etc.[Kim Il-sung's BIRTHDAY TODAY...Bombing @ Boston Marathon!]
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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ALICIA KEYS - "UNLEASH THE KEYS" (Papal emblem?) - The DARK KNIGHT Rises?!

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming?

JENNIFER HUDSON - (Juniper/JUPITER - (Hudson River?)

SANDY HOOK Elementary School - S.H.E.'S.

America The Beautiful

America! America!
God shed his grace on thee
And crown thy good with *brotherhood
From sea to shining sea!


Just thinking out loud!

 Quoting: BetteDavisEyes


Ever since I had that bathroom call in the wee (ahem!) hours of last Saturday morning, I could not ignore the revelation I had about the Mega Million winning numbers.

Thread: LOTTO: 2 + 4 + 23 + 38 + 46 + (mb)23 = DNA ?!!

There was more to what happened in that moment but I was too tired to get into it.

It was when I sat on my bed and had the numbers in mind, that the strangest thing happened. I looked at myself in the mirror by my bed as I had the "exclamation point above my head" moment. I whispered "DNA" and a RED DOT appeared on my forehead!! It was lightning quick but it was like someone pointed a red laser pen, right in the middle of my forehead.

Then I looked at my Tim Tebow Broncos jersey folded on my dresser. The NFL logo happened to be upside-down and facing me.

IN AN INSTANT, THE SICKLE, SKELETON (OR CHIRON?) KEY AND THE LETTER N (which can be read either way) just jumped out at me!



If you take the letters NFL, numerically it's 14-6-12.




**MAY 6, 2012??

I sat on this for DAYS because I didn't know how to put this together. Forgive me for my very limited knowledge but I just learned about Bible prophecy last fall! I am learning all I can now and my mind is SPINNING BUT FASCINATED beyond belief. Oh how I wished I wasn't such a backslidden Christian sheeple before May 2009 (long story).


Here's a very interesting video about the parable of the Wheat & Tares, The Seed of the Serpent vs The Seed of Adam:

I also praise Jesus for this info I found in this amazing blog by a fellow Christian watchman that helped me to gather this information...it's from 2009 but VERY RELEVANT:

[link to www.lookupfellowship.com]

Here's a snippet about Beast of the Sea, Medusa and the a jellyfish crop circle that appeared in 2009:

Could there be a connection between this verse of Scripture, this Crop Circle, and things to come? As we've seen in his previous works, David Flynn's research presents a strong case that there's actually some kind of spiritual element to the Crop Circle phenomenon -- whatever it is.

> In fact, Flynn recently posted a piece on this very subject today! Here's an excerpt: Concerning this new design, crop circle-expert Karen Alexander said: "We have seen butterfly and bird patterns in the past, but this is the first jellyfish crop circle in the world. It is absolutely huge, three times the size of most patterns. The jellyfish crop circle in a barley field in Kingstone Coombes, Oxfordshire, measures 600 ft from tip to tailIt is absolutely huge - roughly three times the size of most crop patterns and extremely interesting. People have been aghast at the size of it. It is a complete monster. We are looking into the meaning of it, but at present it just seems to have appeared out of nowhere."

> However, it's what he found on his own that jives with our time spent here. It's enough to give anyone cause for concern. Did you know that "medusa" (plural medusae) is another word for jellyfish? Medusa is also the word for jellyfish in Modern Greek, Finnish, Portuguese, Romanian, Hebrew, Serbian, Croatian, Spanish, French, Italian, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Russian and Bulgarian.

> Intriguing then that Benjamin Creme said in their newsletter just released a few days ago that the Crop Circles in England may have been made by our "Space Brothers" providing us with Maitreya's contribution to this study as well as to the so-called "Alien/UFO" phenomenon!

> By the way, look at that image of the Jellyfish Crop Circle again. Could we say that a jellyfish is a sort of "beast from the sea", or is that stretching things a bit? If we can, then notice that this particular Crop Circle image has...7 tentacles (7 heads? not really, but still), and 11 circles (10 horns? no, they're not "horns" and there's certainly not 10 of them, but still). So, the Jellyfish Crop Circle gives us this number pairing of 7-11 -- as in in 7/11 or July 11th -- the date that many of us have targeted through Flynn's impressive research about when the Tribulation will start? What are the odds? (*NOTE: This MUST be important to us because I made the SAME CONCLUSION before I saw David Flynn's article on the SAME SUBJECT today! Proof of the spiritual law found in 2 Corinthians 13:1 I'm sure!)

> Oh yeah, Flynn also points out that the Hebrew word "Medusha" is found ONLY ONCE IN THE ENTIRE OLD TESTAMENT, and the context of this prophecy of Isaiah relates prominently to it. Isaiah 21 is where we find that word. Isaiah 21 clearly talks about the "Fall of Babylon" and even begins with the verse: "The burden against the Wilderness of THE SEA" (Isaiah 21:1 [Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)] ). Again, what are the odds!?!

[link to www.dailymail.co.uk]

Here's Nicki Minaj introducing the Medusa at the Grammys. Keep in mind that she was escorted by a "POPE"!


 Quoting: John3:16Me

Last year's Grammys?!

Read my first post in full!

"ROMAN HOLIDAY" performance!

 Quoting: BetteDavisEyes

Thread: NFL LOGO: Wheat & Tares/Key to The Bottomless Pit/Nephilim/The Locusts/Beast of the Sea [UPDATE: Nicki Minaj & The 'POPE'?!] (Page 4)

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