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Message Subject Vihtavuori gun-ammo and powder factory for sale in Finland!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Vihtavuori gun-ammo and powder factory is nearly a hundred year old manufacturer of gunammo and powder in Finland.

Today its owned by a French company Eurenco.

Vihtavuori is the only factory in Finland that produces military grade powder.

Finlands government is behaving in a traitorous manner.
In a crisis situation it could cost the country dearly to close down this factory.

Critics are saying that the factory should not be above the ground because its vulnerable to hostile action during a potential conflict.

Some interest have been shown towards Vihtavuori by potential buyers, but they have stumbled on environmental issues.

Could Vihtavuori gun-ammo and powder factory fill the American gunowners need to supply them with ammo and powder? Would American gunowners or a consortium of gunowners be interested to buy this factory?

[link to www.lapua.com]
 Quoting: Let the eagle soar 1432291

1. yes it could/should fill american orders. 9mm para, .45, .40, .223, 12 gauge buck, etc.... Why is it not doing so?

Perhaps a call to the managing director would be an efficent method of accomplishing this.

2. Environmental matters. The Fin Government should waive all enviro concerns for this needed factory.

3. Be careful of what you call American buyers....MOST are Jews. and you certainly do not want those scourges (who are the ones ruining America, and causing the gun bans) to be poping up in your country. Better that is shuts down that be onwed by Jews. They are rats and back stabers whome no one wants around.

4. If it was in Iceland I wish I owned it...what a wonderful business to in business for so many years.

Hopefully this works out good for you.

You should phone or email the managing director though, and let him know there is a huge NEED/DEMAND in the USA for Ammo right now.

Perhpas this would provide the sales to get enough money to keep this facotry open.

Go Finland!
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