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Nanny-ism - "The World of Wayne Green"

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01/24/2013 09:00 AM

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Nanny-ism - "The World of Wayne Green"
When I was a kid the 18th Amendment had made alcohol illegal…for our own good, of course. So saloons and bars were replaced by thousands of speakeasies, plus giving us the mafia, where many members of the crime families were making over a million dollars a year, which some invested by building huge gambling hotel-casinos in Las Vegas.

My dad had an old speakeasy bar in the cellar, where he entertained his friends…like Amelia Earhart, who kept her Lockheed at dad’s Central airport, and his old WWI Army Air Force buddies.

Prohibition, as it was called, provided employment for hundreds of thousands of government agents, plus who knows how many extra state, county, and town police. It also kept our courts and lawyers busy, and we had to build more prisons.

The 21st Amendment ended this foolish nanny-ism which, not having learned from the alcohol disaster, Congress soon replaced by making drugs illegal. So today we have drug cartels, the highest percentage of our people in prison of any country, and drugs are cheaper and more easily available than ever.

Now the ignorant and stupid, having learned nothing from nanny-isms failures, are pushing for gun control. Never mind that, like socialism, gun control has been a disaster in every country that’s tried it. Like in Australia recently, where they confiscated the public’s guns, only to see the crime rate explode.

The Swiss government makes sure that every family has guns, which may have something to do with their country never being invaded, like so much of the rest of Europe. Plus they have the lowest crime rate of any country.

Since crooks have no problem getting guns, that leaves the rest of us sitting ducks. They can drive up in a van, barge into any home, and help themselves to anything they want. And, you may be sure they will.

[link to www.waynegreen.com]