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Destroying The U.S. Military From Within


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United States
01/24/2013 06:49 PM
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Re: Destroying The U.S. Military From Within
maybe they just announced it that way because it's
the first time the actually got video of a girl soldier killing a bad guy?
 Quoting: Suzy Creamcheese

I don't think you get what this means, It's a logistical change. Women already serve in 93% of military applications, what congress wants is dead female soldiers on the TV for political reasons! What is saying is we need quotas on diversity numbers when we do not period. When you forcible promote a person for the brass so your number look good on paper you are making a mistake period.

How many people in your job got a promotion they did not deserve and suck at their job?

The difference is this gets people killed.

Women already fight on the front lines but that is different than a combat deployment. Example these ladyís in the video below, but it is still way different then a combat unit.

BTW you will now have to incorporate a female draft in case of emergency. Itís in the works, itís only ďfairĒ after all. No washing out of the draft either but our children forget that, it has been so long.

Read this, she lays out of very well as a vet. [link to www.channel4.com]



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I'm only human, it's my biggest flaw.

We must all realize a sink a chair and a pillow are all luxuries of home and a soldiers helmet takes the place of all three.