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Fractal Minds and the Sacred Cosmology : Neuroscience & Psychology meets Esoteric Religion

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 32946264
United Kingdom
01/24/2013 04:01 PM
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Fractal Minds and the Sacred Cosmology : Neuroscience & Psychology meets Esoteric Religion
[link to www.youtube.com]

Fractal Theory of Brain, Mind & Consciousness that will fundamentally alter the course of things."
Givi Alaznis’Pireli
User ID: 34934782
02/22/2013 04:10 AM
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Re: Fractal Minds and the Sacred Cosmology : Neuroscience & Psychology meets Esoteric Religion
Great news about strong earthquakes, Earth’s Core and lost Civilizations, was found the main cause of all big problems of our Planet. It was founded on the basis of ancient Egyptian and Indian Sanskrit texts.

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Givi Alaznis’Pireli. I am Georgian very popular esoteric writer and dealing with issues of oldest astronomy, metaphysics and modern physics. The results are surprising (see below):

I think all of you are looking the true of our Planet and Cosmos. Please, who can explain me why the Earth’s electromagnetic field is large in Caucasus area only? Two physicists proves that in the territory of Republic of Georgia especially on extensive space the high-frequency information signals are spread. This strange fact was checked by the foreign specialists from Ukraine with special equipment and they have proven too: this is indeed the case. But why is that so? It turns the chief reason of this phenomenon is Egyptian sacral Sun – “Rá” as super radiance, which rests under whole Caucasus' territory. See illustration to left from you here or at [link to www.facebook.com (secure)] or [link to plus.google.com (secure)] (sacral area buried under Caucasus is represented approximately as such. It should only be taken into account that its dimensions, in relation to the Earth are considerably increased with the purpose of evident show of it). Yes, it is the GREATEST DISCOVERY OF THE WORLD, WHICH WILL CHANGE THINKING OF MANKIND at nearest time. I've been studying this issue for 23 years and concluded:

In my opinion this underground Sun is the first reason of such strong earthquakes: because plus and minus attract each other, there is a discharge portions accumulated in the Earth's virtual Core under Caucasus between megaton hydrogen sulfide (this is very negative, passive energy and the cause of death) and the phenomenon of “Rá” (super Light, the cause of life), which is in Epicenter of so called “Lower world” for oldest Egyptian people (see illustration to rigth from you). By the logic of such a powerful flow of energy delivery has heated underground water, expandable and comes to the surface of the Earth. I think, may be this underground strong temperature is causing the global warming on our Planet. The result is flooding some beachs of oceans and seas, but the chance of salvation still exists.

It is very important to quickly gather all scholars of this item for a major conference in Tbilisi. I will using of translators and of physics reasonably prove to all, that cosmic knowledge of ancient people is the truth. I am confident, in near future this great discovery fills the vacuum of knowledge and will stop the modern scientific chaos. I repeat: there is still a rescue. Otherwise strong earthquake will destroy more other countries at nearest future. The short and logical explanation, why the electromagnetic field is big in sky of Georgian area is given at this link (there is good translated). I recommend you to read it please (no virus and free of charge):
[link to ways.org] , or go at [link to ertoba.net]

Publisher of newspaper “Noe”,
Esoteric writer Givi Alaznis’Pireli
from Republic of Georgia.

E-mails: Givi144@rambler.ru
or Givi144144@gmail.com
Skype: Givi.Alaznispireli
Russian versions:
[link to www.facebook.com]