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Message Subject Besides the Bible's account, {Genesis Chapter 6-9}- What evidence do we see on the earth to confirm there was a global flood?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
That a global flood occured is inarguable. It happened.

The spin put on it in favor of this "God" or that one, or if there was a "God" involved at all, is really at the heart of this debate.
 Quoting: Lada D

ill argue, just for debates sake :)

I dont think its possible logisticly, because of tides and such, plus there is not enough water around to flood the world.

An other thing, a global flood would have washed seeds of plants and such all around the world, but we do not see that, sure parts of the world could have possible flood at one time or another, but at the same time......not likely.


forecast for the next week globaly....rain and more rain...it is not going to happen, because we have seasons and such northern and southern hemisphare two different climates been that way since forever.......
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19209217

Come to think of it there is enough water, if you melted all the ice at the poles.

plus a close encounter with an other astro object like the moon, could have enough gravatational pull, to move such a large amount around the world.

Which would be my line of thinking on the other side of the debate

Just debunking myself here lol
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