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Message Subject Besides the Bible's account, {Genesis Chapter 6-9}- What evidence do we see on the earth to confirm there was a global flood?
Poster Handle CelestialMaiden
Post Content

 Quoting: CelestialMaiden

So your fake Hollywood n Happies video suggests that whale fossil found in deserts is evidence of Noah's flood? Not so fast Doe Doe brain, Magical Magician of evolution, Mr Charles (believe it or not) Darwin explains that thisaway...

These are the whales grandpas. They migrated hundreds of miles inland, without dehydrating, turned the heck into whales, so they could die in the desert and fool everybody about the flood. Get some science would ya!?
Try to be more like chuck and me, and know stuff already instead of asking stuff k?
 Quoting: DGN

wow- I feel so dumb- so now I know both where whales come from AND that the flood was a HOAX!
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