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Message Subject Besides the Bible's account, {Genesis Chapter 6-9}- What evidence do we see on the earth to confirm there was a global flood?
Poster Handle Lada D
Post Content
Here are the asshat arguments when it comes to bible and "Proving" anything:

They: The Bible are dum. Its not the true! You cant proof it because it didn't happen, so there!

Us: Well, actually there is a great deal of evidence to show that it did.

They: Pfffft! You dont got syences!

Us: Actually, according to Dr. Such-And-Such of the University of Something You've Heard Of, we have actual science.

They: Well, I dont like yer guys, they're stupid dummy-heads because you don't got syiences, only I have scyeinces!

Us: So, Our Scientists don't count, but yours do? This is your thesis?

They: Huh? Thee-sus?

Us: See, you can't have it both ways. You can't demand a scientist with proof then say he/she is not good enough when we give it to you. If Science is your requirement, and I give you Science, you have no choice but to concede that, at the very least, there may be information out there that you haven't been exposed to, or has been kept from you, or that you willfully ignore because you do not wish to change your own conclusions.

They: Yer dum, I'm going back to my bong and my George Carlin cassettes.
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