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Message Subject Besides the Bible's account, {Genesis Chapter 6-9}- What evidence do we see on the earth to confirm there was a global flood?
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Noah's Flood was the precursor to the the Ice Age some millions of years ago. The heavy precipitation and the opening up of channels for hot water from below caused heavy clouds and volcanic ashes to cover the Earth for many years. This prevented sunrays to protrude, thus causing much cooling, and the evaporation from the hot oceans were transported north- and southwards to form large ice sheets. A repetitive sequence of the Ice sheets forming and melting again then occured for some million years (4-5(?)). So we get Sub-IceAges with almost ice free interglacials. This I believe was a consequence of the periodic cycles in the Sun intensity combined with the precession of the Earth's axis.
The consequence of Noah's Flood could, however, be an overall significant decline in the average temperature of the Biosphere. This was caused by the removal of the watercanopy covering the Earth above the Biosphere prior to the Flood.

So we can tell from the Bible account that since the Noah's Flood must have caused a fall in the temperature by the removal of the watercanopy and combined with a heavy evaporation of oceans that this can be inferred as resulting in the Ice Age.

If we consider the precessional movement of the Earth axis, it has now a maximum inclination towards - or away from the Sun when the Earth is farthest away or closest to the Sun respectively. These parts of the ecliptic movement of the Earth around the Sun, the Summer and Winter seasons have a shorter path way than the parts where the axis is inclined close to 0 degrees with the Sun rays.

About 12000 years ago the last Sub-IceAge ended. At that time the Earth axis was half way through a precessional cycle relative to the present. Therefore, at that time, the Earth axis was inclined maximum towards- or away (Summer or Winter) from the Sun during the longer paths of the present Spring and Autumn paths.

The longer Summer season 12000 years ago could have caused the melting of the Ice Caps and the heating of the oceans around the Poles thus changing the ocean current patterns. Higher water temperatures and new currents (Gulf Stream) prevented any continuous Ice Cap of forming.

So this could be the reason we are now in for a new Sub-Ice Age of forming again. Just as for example the Gulf Stream changes or halts, the Ice caps can start growing. May be it will occur as abruptly as the former Ice cap melted.

As a reminder here in Norway, the deposits from the ice movements in the last Sub-IceAge are not covered by any other sediments as it should if Noah's Flood covered the whole land.

To me it is therefore easy to conclude by using my naked eyes that Noah's Flood could not have been after the Ice age

The Bible doesn't say anything about the age of the Earth. God sees time in a circular pattern and each of the patriarchs in the Bible represents a new circle of time. Each of these circles is a repetition of former processes. May be the genealogies from Noah started out while a huge Ice covering were forming just in the North and they started to move South wards to the Persian Gulf and forming cities in Iraque and then some moved even further south to Africa.

Some of the main personalities mentioned in the Bible may be representing only the start of a new circle of time. If these new time periods for example could correspond to the the Interglacials of the Ice Age, it would be nice to find out that. One of Abraham's ancestors (Arphaxad for example ?) thus we could place early into the present Interglacial.

Each of the patriarchs of the predeluvial world also may correspond to start of a new time circle. So when was Adam and Eve created? 10 time circles before the flood. I believe that the repetetive time circles before the flood were very much longer than after the flood. But they may be separated by some catastrophic event starting with the breaking up of the Gondwana continent into the present 5 major contients about 80 million years ago. As I see it.
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