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Message Subject Besides the Bible's account, {Genesis Chapter 6-9}- What evidence do we see on the earth to confirm there was a global flood?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Just for the sake of the same story being told throughout the world, gives credence to the fact that some sort of global catastrophe took place. Being that it is commonly believed that some of these tribes were completely isolated from other parts of the world; how then is it possible that they all have the same historical account. Although oral traditions tend to become convoluted over time, their basic principle tends to remain constant.
According to the logic of mass, stating that there is not enough water to completely inundate the world; perhaps there is a different explanation to this "flood" accord. When looking at places, such as in Alaska, where the "black goo" is; one can easily conclude that this tangled/shredded mess of plant and animal, is the result of some form of violent aquatic inundation. So with understanding that this "black goo" is dated from the same period as when believed the "flood" happened; perhaps what we commonly think, was not a "flood" at all. I speculate that the "flood" was in fact a near-global reaching, super-sonic tidal wave of immense proportions--one which was perhaps 2 miles high. With such an event, places that are far inland would not experience the destruction of the super-sonic tidal wave; but instead, it would be more of a rapid influx of water, coming from the runoff and/or slowing inlet of the tidal force flowing inland.
One possible cause of this super-sonic tidal wave, could have been from a comet impact. One which struck somewhere, so that its trajectory spread it all across the near-entire globe---such as some place in the southern ocean, near Antarctica. Another thought is that it could have struck the continents' ice sheet itself, shattering it so that it's flooding repercussions, spread the entire globe. Or perhaps this "flood" was caused by some form of violent volcanic eruption which took in the southern ocean. The end result of the volcanic eruption, would have been the same as in a cometary impact.
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