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Message Subject Besides the Bible's account, {Genesis Chapter 6-9}- What evidence do we see on the earth to confirm there was a global flood?
Poster Handle david
Post Content
Gah. Give me a break.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10310280

Okay, if we're taking a break, let's talk casual.

Would you agree that science is a tool? Science itself is impartial and is used to systematically measure observances, yes?

So, we need to seperate Science from "The Sciences" because "The Sciences" means something a little different, it means the body of knowledge derived from the systematic measurement of observances.

This body of knowledge ideally governs itself, facts will remain and things that are not true or are no longer supportable based on new findings will be discarded.

Unfortunately, "The Sciences" are governed by Human Beings, and Human Beings are governed by Money, status, power and all manner of corruption.

Scientists require funding for equipment and to sustain their manner of living. Scientists require approval in order to get their findings published.

Who controls the publications? Who controls the flow of money? Can these institutions that provide all this money so generously be accused of having an agenda?

This argument works on both of our sides, by the way.

For example, Brigham Young University has money and power and publication and will be very happy to publish findings that suggest a truth about The Book of Mormon.

On the other hand you have your super leftist Liberal secular schools that will ruin your career if you were to find evidence to support global flood. How will they ruin your career? Because they will find four scientists who *are willing* to use the common "shill" type arguments used here at GLP to break it down and support their own conclusions, be they true or false. You are fired, and they keep their tenure and position.

So, what it really comes down to are numbers: Leftist, Secular Schools vastly outnumber Rightist, Conservative schools and the publication houses are owned and operated by Leftist elite.

If you deny any of this, you really are "on a break" from reality.

 Quoting: Lada D

your argument has validity;

it does seem to me, however, that the scientific community is more willing to accept differing evidence [although sometimes slowly] ,than right wing religious groups
 Quoting: david 16910407

I don't see the validity, that really isn't how science is funded, used, or received. It's a nice fantasy for someone who thinks the world hates their religion. It's most likely the other way around.
Faith has no place in schools whatsoever, that's the bigger picture.
Most science teachers in this country as afraid to teach Darwinism, even though it has more than supporting evidence, and at this point it is fact and not opinion.. they're afraid because parents of students, do not want their child learning that we came from another animal.. its so backwards and harmful to a student that might Excel at science, to not even learn about it until he or she is too old to care either way.
You're right though, there is an agenda. It is a religious agenda, and this country set off to keep that stuff out of schools, but yet again most people just can't accept that we should keep faith at home.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10310280

thank you for your reply ac,
i believe in god, and yet i am an evolutionist.
the two need not be exclusive
i believe that the separation of church and state was a stroke of pure genius, mutually protective of religion, science, and democratic government.
because i believe that the purpose of education is to open minds and offer more than one opinion i would not oppose creationism being taught in school.
the problem becomes, would the religious right, then, demand the banishment of darwinism from schools as they have in the past?
that i would stridently oppose.
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