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Not Civil War, Not Revolution, Just Community Service

The Free Galatian
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United States
01/24/2013 11:36 PM
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Not Civil War, Not Revolution, Just Community Service
Those who oppose unconstitutional gun-grabbing laws are not revolutionaries, insurgents, or even civil warriors.

Rather, we are simply performing a community service.

We are acting to prevent rogue federal agents, who have violated their Oath to the Constitution, from carrying out their criminal intentions. Just as a citizen might arrest a pick-pocket, return the stolen goods to their rightful owner, and then turn the pick-pocket in to the police. We act to prevent criminal elements of the federal government from carrying out their nefarious intentions.

Gun rights activists throughout the nation will be doing a community service by executing a citizens arrest of federal agents who have violated their Oaths to the Constitution and/or State Laws that prevent the implementation of federal firearms laws within their borders.

If we call it a "civil war" or a "revolution"; then the feds can label us as "insurgents" or "traitors" which would be an escalation of the conflict. Those labels would isolate us and make us look like an extreme fringe group.

On the other hand, if we call it "community service" ... just a bunch of good-hearted, law-abiding American citizens trying to stop those law-breaking federal agents from committing unconstitutional crimes ... then they cannot call us an "insurgent" or a "traitor."

This terminology might help to generate more media support, and it should work better in court, as well.

Make it sound like you are "protecting the Domestic Tranquility of your county against rogue federal agents" rather than "trying to overthrow the entire government by force." That sounds better and will garner more support.

You can still use your firearms to arrest a federal agent, before he/she violates the law. You can still use your firearm in self-defense, if that agent threatens your life.

But, your case in court will be much stronger, if you identify yourself as a "concerned citizen who was trying to prevent a criminal (the federal agent) from committing a crime (violating the Second Amendment)." Rather than a "revolutionary" or a "civil warrior."

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