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Message Subject I live in in Newtown, CT
Poster Handle WhiteLight
Post Content
----as much as we've hoped folks from Newtown would come forward, it concerns me that you are young and easily impressed. no one here would want to feel that you might be bated here, and put yourself in a world of peril. Due to not really knowing if missing info and confusion is due to error, or if not--if the intent was dark or hidden--then god help us all. we have to believe truth will out, but it might be better not to prod the sleeping dog.----

I'm 31 and very much have a mind of my own.

Sorry, but I'm a writer. I am highly suspicious of the use of "was" in OP's story. Newton, CT is a small town but a small town filled with middle to upper-middle class folk. Surely they know the difference between "We 'were' doing this and that" and "We 'was' doing this and that".
This is a highly dramatized story.

AND I'm NOT a shill! I just don't want the facts of this story getting muddled with silly BS.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32059272

Didn't know societal hierarchy had an influence on how one typed. I apologize for my crappy grammar. The town is filled with a lot more middle class than upper class. The media shows a community of nothing but upper class.

Op what is everyone else in town feeling or thinking? Do they know the people interviewed on tv? Did anyone you know, know the Lanzas? (And whether they had one son or two?)
 Quoting: new & improved

We know some of the people that was interviewed but it was mostly the ones that was confused and didn't exactly know what was going on.

I knew of the Lanza's. I didn't personally know them. I thought they had only 1 son but appears they have 2....I guess.
 Quoting: Johnson4truth

Wow this is the kicker folks.. just today it was discovered that Adam Lanza does not exist!! He is Ryan.. that is why no records existed..on another thread.. good work OP..keep reporting..you are MUCH more authentic then some here think.. stay focused and start writing things down.. every detail..every memory.. it will make a great made for tv movie some day.. when the truth really does get revealed!!
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