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Message Subject I live in in Newtown, CT
Poster Handle LadyK74
Post Content
I will post no proof that I actually do live here.

I wouldn't call BS on this, but I guess this can be easily resolved. Shoot some pics with your mobile phone from the school or Rosen's house and report back.

It's not like we are asking for your utility bill right?

That shouldn't be a problem? Today when you come home from work, just drive by one of these places we talk about and snap a pic with your cell...so easy 1.2.3

The IP doesn't mean anything, everyone can change their IP these days.

I would have a thousand questions, so I will check back for some photos.

 Quoting: LadyK74

If you are real...
The Exif data will be sufficient proof. Don't take pictures with
Your phone. Traceable back to you. Don't send pictures
using your phone or public wi-fi. Use a Hard-wired location
Such as library or college where many use the same terminal.
Stay safe.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16166048

Yes, however, it should be very easy to solve the problem. You would be very useful, if you claim to be a real concerned citizen of Newtown/Sandy Hook.

Like I said, as soon as I get anything from you that tells me you are real, I will draft you a Todo-List. If you aren't scared to ask questions, and really want to know what happened in your town, I would have several people you could ask some questions.

If I tell my other author of you, and you are real, he will have plenty to add to the list. We can only do so much besides blogging and calling people.

I seriously hope we can go further in this thread...

So let's do this.
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