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Message Subject I live in in Newtown, CT
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Thank you for your post, op, but imho, there's nothing too sensational to it.
I don't think you have to worry for your safety because all of your encounters that day seem fairly logical and can go either way.

Summary: You didn't know what was going on that road that day and neither did anybody else you encountered.

* The cop you talked to guessed it was a drill.
That's the nature of 'guard duty'. His only instructions: let nobody down the road. A cop will do that, guard something without being told what or why. They escort limos all the time without knowing who's inside. Their simply called v.i.p.'s. and... cops will lie to you to if they want. Doesn't mean the copy's "in on it".

* You did not recognize all of the witnesses & victims' families.
Just because we don't know everybody in town, even when they make the news, doesn't mean they don't exist. Once again, fits nice with a coverup but not conclusive.

* Your school teacher friend/gf/ex claimed she nobody told her what was going on either.
I'm not from Newton, but one thing's for certain, nobody knows what really happened that day, especially folks from that town. Not being rude, but the story has been so tampered from the top, that one can't be surprised by another professional kept in the dark.

Not a debunker. I know Sandy Hook got twisted from whatever really happened into an assault rifle grab even though an a.r. wasn't used.

We all saw the rifle in the trunk! <-THAT my friends is all the proof needed that the official story has been severely tampered with.

And what do ya know, NOW they're telling us no a.r. was used and sure enough, the court records: SEALED
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