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Message Subject I live in in Newtown, CT
Poster Handle CTChick
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Wasn't trying to advertise my shop (and know I don't sell online, no reason to think I'd benefit from this) - just didn't want anyone throwing up BS flags on my post as I have nothing to prove or hide. Like most of the people on GLP, I follow the pinned threads because I love the fact I can read about what is going on all around the world from the perspective of people who are actually experiencing it first-hand. Particularly in the case of earth events (quakes, hurricanes etc) this is amazing.

As far as this thread - I've known Scarlett and her family (all of whom are church-going Christians) for over ten years. I think the world of her, she is and always has been a good, kind person.

I wish I had details to present on the SH shooting - I do not. I wasn't trying to derail this thread, I was sticking up for my friend as I believe almost anyone else would. It was so badly reported on from the onset, and there is so much we are not being told. The only information I find alarming is that I have heard Adam's father (a high ranking banker) was scheduled to give damning testimony in the Libor scandal -- as was the father of the Colorado "Batman" shooting. Deeply suspicious.
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