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Message Subject I live in in Newtown, CT
Poster Handle Holden
Post Content
Wasn't trying to advertise my shop (and know I don't sell online, no reason to think I'd benefit from this) - just didn't want anyone throwing up BS flags on my post as I have nothing to prove or hide. Like most of the people on GLP, I follow the pinned threads because I love the fact I can read about what is going on all around the world from the perspective of people who are actually experiencing it first-hand. Particularly in the case of earth events (quakes, hurricanes etc) this is amazing.

As far as this thread - I've known Scarlett and her family (all of whom are church-going Christians) for over ten years. I think the world of her, she is and always has been a good, kind person.

I wish I had details to present on the SH shooting - I do not. I wasn't trying to derail this thread, I was sticking up for my friend as I believe almost anyone else would. It was so badly reported on from the onset, and there is so much we are not being told. The only information I find alarming is that I have heard Adam's father (a high ranking banker) was scheduled to give damning testimony in the Libor scandal -- as was the father of the Colorado "Batman" shooting. Deeply suspicious.
 Quoting: CTChick

Neither were scheduled to testify...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16973041

And I suppose the father of the babies "killed by the nanny" wasn't supposed to testify their either. Lanza's involvement in the Libor scandal was leaked & reported way too far ahead to put an end to it now! Sorry
 Quoting: Watdhel

So someone made a claim so it's true. Fucking moron
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16973041


I can understand when people repeat false info because they mistakenly believed it.

However, when people continue to repeat that same false info after being shown it was untrue, then it shows that their motives are less than sincere.
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