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Message Subject I live in in Newtown, CT
Poster Handle Fuck the system
Post Content
Why has thread got so many stars and a pin???

Its pure bsflag

I thought people on this site were a lot smarter than falling for bull shit like this.

The whole story is fiction.

Shame on you slaphim

''I will post no proof that I actually do live here''
you told us where you work and road you live on

''I called in sick but I was playing hooky''
playing hooky near sandy hook

''I've spent the past 2 hours debating with myself if I should post this''
these words are as common as my ''uncle told me'' on glp

''I figured this was the most popular spot. ''
because you are a regular visitor to this site

'' I had just finished eating my breakfast. I had Captain Crunch cereal''

''Those cars sound like FBI cars''
whats an FBI car sound like????

I could go on and on, your a little story teller, and a bad one at it too.nutkick
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