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Message Subject I live in in Newtown, CT
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I live in Newtown. I live about 1 mile from Sandy Hook Elementary on Riverside Road. I didn't go to work on Friday Dec 14th. I called in sick but I was playing hooky. I work at a restaurant in Danbury. I've spent the past 2 hours debating with myself if I should post this. I could have posted it somewhere else but this site seems to always pop up when the Sandy Hook "shooting" is concerned. I figured this was the most popular spot.

At around 8:50-9:00am I had just finished eating my breakfast. I had Captain Crunch cereal. I had used the last of my milk. I decided to go get some at Caraluzzi's because a friend of mine works there and I wanted to see what he was up to that evening. I get in my car at about 9:05am. I drive West on Riverside Road. Before I even got to the Fire House, I noticed a lot of vehicles parked there. Way, way, way more than usual. A few was parked on both sides of the road. I figured they was just doing some kind of training or a meeting. However one thing did stick out and that was the fact that a lot of the vehicles was solid silver and solid black. I drive past the Fire House and the Senior Center is right next door less than 100 yards. That parking lot was full as well with some of the same vehicles mixed with trucks and what not. Vehicles you would expect to see in a parking lot. Still I thought nothing of it. I go get my milk.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32912855

If this is true I'd say this is one of the biggest smoking guns yet... This is BEFORE the shooting by a half hour. What the Hell are all those vehicles doing there already in place? Then the overhead videos posted in this thread raise the further question of why so few ambulances.

Later in your post you mention the officer in the road stating the road is closed for some kind of exercise, yet if he was called to that location after the shooting he would have likely heard the details on his radio. Add in the off duty SWAT officer from another jurisdiction that was found in the woods by the school with a gun. Perhaps he's the same one placed in the FRONT of the police car. Why are there no official details on this part of the story, is the SWAT officer the same guy wearing black & camo?

Something stinks, no wonder the shills are all over this thread. And the guy making all the threats that OP is breaking the law is actually breaking some laws by trying to intimidate your freedom of speech & press.
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