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Message Subject I live in in Newtown, CT
Poster Handle K
Post Content
OP, I heard that some of those parents were satanists and that there was a lot of occult activity in that town. I'm not religious but I don't know those people were just very odd on tv, it seemed as if they were milking the media.

Had it been myself losing a child I would not speak about it for a while....

I don't know there are too many holes in the story. Not to mention the websites for funding sandy hook being created prior the tragedy and the whole deal with Victorias rip Facebook page then they went and changed it and yeah hacking happens ... Then the guy who took his kids into his house and changed his story twice...
The sweatshirts being strewn outside the car with all four door open? Probably to kidnap the kids who knows...

I feel bad for these kids , they were probably in some satanic sacrificial ritual thing or brought to underground base or something who knows...

Nothing adds up.
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